Being a wedding photographer in Cleveland has it's perks.  I get all the juicy details about people and the ways that they met.  Not once has a story repeated itself which makes everyone so unique and special when we meet.  Everything seems to be a chance encounter when finding love.   It happens when you least expect it.  These two ended up hosting their wedding at St. Anselm Catholic Church.  While the wedding reception was the newly renovated Manakiki Golf Course reception hall.  Beautiful to say the least. 

This the story of Chris and Jamie.  

Chris and Jamie had a 'secret' relationship for about 2 years while we worked together. This started like the typical high school flirting relationship. She would wear cute outfits and walk by him to try and get his attention. He said that he always noticed me but he would never look! One day, he sent her a message on Facebook...and he was sitting 2 feet away. From that point, it was friendly flirting and he would occasionally throw a rubber band at my in my cubicle. She asked him on the first date.   At first, she didn't think he liked her because he kept this space between us the whole night.   Ended up, he was nervous.  Once we got past some of those jitters...we would talk at work and then go home and talk on the phone for hours and then go back to work and see each other.

From then on, the story doesn't end like this, it begins.  Here is how I caught their wedding day. 

Dress:  Jesse Webb

 Flowers by:  Chesterland Floral

Cake by: Confectionary Cupboard

Dress style and designer: Generational & Modified by Jamie herself. (70 years old)

Honeymoon location:  Freedom of the Seas - Royal Carribbean Cruise