Let's chat about wedding albums for a moment.  Not often have I pushed or asked couples to take a moment and think about albums.  But recently I am learning that albums are a way of celebrating that special day on a whim.  You don't have to turn your computer on and find the files and look at every picture individually.  Instead it's a storyboard of happiness in your face making you feel amazing about the photographer you hired and the wedding you planned for months or years.   

All that hard work you put into the wedding.  It sometimes just sits there, on your computer and you don't do anything with it.  Wedding albums are REAL! They outline the beautiful day you had in the way it should be seen.  

Imagine the beautiful smell of leather and ink combined when you open that album to show family.  Not one person huddled around a computer but  by simply opening a book.  

Quality - I order my books from Madera Books.  This company does not do anything half ass.  They put time and effort into these books and just like photography is an art - So are these books.  Believe me when I say these are GENERATIONAL.  When you are older and your kids are married, they will ask about your wedding day and look back at this book with amazement at how fantastic it all was for you both.   And.... how young you looked!  Digital images can be lost.  But books are just harder to loose.   True Story.    

I am a very passionate about being a Cleveland wedding photographer.  I always will be.  If you don't order an album with your wedding collection.  There's a good chance I will and keep it in my studio for all those future brides to see.