Unreal...   This year was.... (for lack of a less used word) E.P.I.C. < EXTREAMLY PFUN IMAGES CAPTURED>.    Yeah, I know it's not perfect grammar, nor spelled right,  but this year wasn't typical either.  It was hot, windy, rainy, cold and challenging locations but most of all - it was beautiful.  I do my best to capture those emotions, the feelings, the esscense of your wedding day and if tried to make this post about the BEST of the Best, I would agonize over it for way to long.   Let's just say It was the best in my career as a Cleveland wedding photographer.   I am so pleased to post a random few of what we accomplished with all those amazing couples that I have become friends with over the course of this year and those amazing weddings you all planned.  I could not have done it without your hard work and faith in my ability to capture your wedding the way you wanted it captured. I have the best job in the world and I am looking forward to 2016 with the largest of ambition for even greater moments, emotions, feelings and beauty. 

31 Weddings for 2015.  Over 70,000 images/Moments captured... narrowing it down to just a few for this blog was one of the most extremely difficult task I had for the year.  I grabbed something from every wedding (random order) and thought I would showcase the ones I thought meant a lot to my couples.       


A HUGE thank you for choosing Dennis Crider Photography as your wedding photographer!