As a Cleveland area wedding photographer, I am often excited about my couples and their wedding day, almost as much as they are.  I strive to capture the essence of their wedding from the most shy couples to the most boisterous of people.  Olivia and Dominic are that couple that are beautiful inside as well as out.   Also a couple that I have a personal friend connection with.  They are part of big family that I love dearly and I could not wait for this day.  I even hired a 2nd photographer of the utmost caliber to join me because I knew this wedding would be fast and insanely fun from start to finish. The couple were up for all of my ideas which resulted in nothing less than beautiful pictures and a riot of reception.   I was in for a treat and so are you.  This wedding is easily one of my top weddings of the year.  Hosted at the St. Paul Shine for the wedding and the wedding reception at ThornCreek Winery.   

Big thanks to Brandi from Brandi Image Photography for 2nd shooting this wedding with me. 

ThornCreek Winery

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