Top 38?  What the.....   Yep, I know!  Why top 38 you ask?  Because I like to be different.  I like unique things and to be honest, I am a different type of person who doesn't always follow the rules.  So Dennis Crider Photography is showcasing my top captured 38 moments for this Cleveland wedding photographer in 2016, because top 20 is overused and just predictable.  

First of all you may be wondering why so-n-so's picture isn't featured in this blog.   Understandable and it's a good question.  Well, I had to choose from over 300 of my favorite moments that I hold tight to my heart.  That was really hard to narrow down to 150.

Believe me, If I thought you could handle over 300 pictures, I would post all of them up.   But alas, I cannot and that would not make these top 38 any more special.   I incorporated a few eyes (judges) to these pictures and we narrowed it down from 150 to top 50.  No joke.. this was SO FREAKING HARD!  I struggled with so many. 

Why not post the 50?  Well, because that's just to round of a number and I want these to stand out.  So without further adue.  I present the best 38 captured moments of 2016 by the infamous (who am I kidding) wedding photographer, Dennis Crider Photography!   That last part was seriously just for SEO goodness.  HEHE...   

Stay tuned for the best images of 2016!   That's right!  It get's better!  WHOOOHOOOO!