Sometimes I look at my own work and what I do for a living and wonder - “How did I get so lucky”. But the same question falls into those heads of those couples that I capture. They look at each other and ask themselves the same thing. “How did I get so lucky to find someone who is everything I wanted and more”. Those are the couples I look back on when editing their wedding and I see the passion, the fire and the intense overwhelming feeling of love in their hands and face when they are marrying. These are the couples that I seek. The ones that look at the other like Hallie and Brian do in these images.

This Cleveland wedding at the Science Museum was no less than perfect. I say perfect because of how these two feel towards each other and the level of joy they had that day. Being a Cleveland wedding photographer is my passion and love outside of my family. This was made more me just like these two were made for each other.

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