Make sure you read this incredible love story with a bit of sadness mixed in. Don’t worry, it’s a happy ending.

The planning for this Akron Wedding at the Art Museum was a long one. A bit over a year I think. The moment I met Ian and Ali, it was like we knew each other for a long time. Instant friends! He was into photography and we had plenty to chat about. Here is where things go either perfect or imperfectly perfect.

Their engagement day comes around and it’s cold. We have a blast capturing some incredible photos that you see below. But note the Red dress. It comes into play later. You can see the full engagement session HERE.

This is where is becomes a bit sad. After plans were made and wedding groomsmen were all picked out and bridesmaids assigned - The best man (Seen in the picture below) was fatally killed in a crash by a drunk driver who hit him while he was in an UBER.

Wedding Akron Art Museum088.JPG

Ian had taken this amazing photo of him wearing the red suit coat not long before it happened. This red coat was used in their wedding and is seen by Ian holding it during his getting ready and during the reception sitting next to them as a reserved spot. It’s just coincidence that she also wore something red at her engagement shoot. This whole thing ties them together and the love these two have for each other will be and has been, bonded for life.

The Akron Art Museum Wedding was one of my favorites of the year and I am thrilled to capture their moments and details for this incredible wedding love story.