I had the most phenomenal couples this year in 2017 and nothing was more enjoyable to me than to be there for these brides and grooms as they partied their butts off.  In fact, one of the biggest pieces of advice that I give my couples on their wedding day, is to just have fun and enjoy everything and everyone around them.  I will do the rest.   This allows me to be true to my craft and really hone in on what makes a documentary wedding photographer, a good one.  I am learning all the time how to be better at what I do and I think that every year, my couples and photography grow to new levels.  I am excited to see what 2018 brings and I can't wait to kick it off with new friends.

Here is a quick video of some of my favorites from the year.  So sit back and enjoy the show.  2018.. we are going to rock it out.  You just wait.